Pajama Party!!! (Pic Heavy)
I thought I'd share some recent photos of my lovely family with you. well. I think they are lovely, lol!

First of all, here are some recent ones of my darling Roux. I have been a bit busy lately to take proper fun photos of any of them and I missed spending time with Roux so I took a few quick pics of her.

[Image: 4578412200_92d9485df2.jpg] [Image: 4577780589_7cdfec1d03.jpg]

London got a new wig which she is wearing here. I adore her stock one but it had gone a bit manky so I wanted to get her a similar looking one. Its a Monique one and I wasn't sure at first as its lighter than her original one and it was a bit squashed when it came so I needed to tame it a bit. I think it suits her well though and it is so soft!

[Image: 4583029311_ba39d5e60b.jpg]

And finally, I comissioned some pajamas for all of them from Jen and Ann of xoxo creations and they arrived today!! William has got some coming too so don't worry, he hasn't been left out =)

Group photo and then its Lily, Alex, London and Roux. Alex's match the colour of his eyelids really well, and the brown on Roux's look so nice with her eyes.

[Image: 4583879864_2a777545dc.jpg] [Image: 4583884860_035fe1cc54.jpg] [Image: 4583886688_c0ee0068d4.jpg] [Image: 4583888544_2b263ca583.jpg] [Image: 4583890208_74fc642cae.jpg]

And here is Sam in his!! He has a new wig which I hadn't been sure about at all as it seemed a bit short but it looks so cute on him in his puppy pj's!!! He looks really little and babyish =)

[Image: 4583266837_545b2d1c8d.jpg] [Image: 4583267003_5330b0303d.jpg] [Image: 4583267057_f1747d31e0.jpg]

So there are some new pics of them all! I hope you like my little family =)

[Image: familya.png]
Roux | London | Cleo | Sam | Alex | Lily | William | Ponyo | Phoebe
Awww I love xoxo creations! They look so cute in their pjs!
OMGOSH how adorable!! and I really love Sam's wig, I don't think it's too short I think it fits him perfect! Ahh I want a few Dal's now, LOL.
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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Those pjs are adorable! I love that you have a boy Dal. I wish they'd release boy Dals.
Thanks for the comments everyone!!!!

@ GreyBird1881 - Thanks so much! xoxo creations are brilliant =)

@ mobscenes - you totally need to get Dal's! They are adorable!

@ booksanddolls - Thank you! I wish they would release proper boy Dals too but for now I am happy with Sam and Alex =)
[Image: familya.png]
Roux | London | Cleo | Sam | Alex | Lily | William | Ponyo | Phoebe
They all look ready for a party! Pillow fight anyone?
Thanks for the mention Lucy! grin
oh my goodness, they are so adorable and cute!!!! I love their little pyjamas - too sweet!!! They look all warm and cuddly in them, like they want to snuggle together watch a DVD, eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate!! Love them!! Is that Pinochio dal with the olive skin?? and is that her real wig??? Thank!
Yes that is Pinocchio and it is her real wig. I am raising mine as a boy though =)

Thanks for your comments =)
[Image: familya.png]
Roux | London | Cleo | Sam | Alex | Lily | William | Ponyo | Phoebe
The pajamas are so cute! They look so cozy and warm in them! I especially like Sam's with the puppies!

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