Sail (Hello Kitty) - Time for the ball.
xD Why do I get the feeling Sail and Zelare are your most feminine dolls? Nice dress for her, though :3

Not all who wander are lost.
I'm almost always in the Chatroom, even when I'm not really here.

LULZ. XD They can swap dresses!

I think on an ordinary day Sail like casual but pretty skirts and things, but also loves the excuse to dress up pretty-like! Same as Zelare. ^_~
Aww what a cute gal!
Sail is so pretty!
Awww, thank you. :3 HK is a gorgeous Pullip! <3
She is really pretty! I adore her name, too, it's so cute <3
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AWW! She does look ready for the ball! *0*
Haha, thanks! :3 <3

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