Nytherial's Feedback
+1 for a great sale

sold me an obitsu - was quick to tell me when she made a mistake and was very sweet in general ^^
+1 for being an awesome seller! Items were even better then described! Quick to message back and very patient. Thanks so much! grin

.:EDIT:. Oops, I meant +2!
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+1 for a great trade. I just wish all of them end up so nicely, thank you ^ ^
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+1 as a seller

I purchased a BJD doll from her.
Super service and great communication! Fast ship!

Thanks so much! Delighted!
+1 as a super amazing seller, I bought a MLP lot from Nytherial and it arrived very quickly and well packaged. Couldn't be happier, great communication very nice seller. Thanks so much <3
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+1 as a buyer! Bought my Neo Noir, payed quickly, and she's so nice! Thank you again. smile
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