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NectarineFire's Ratings
Hi everyone!

I've never sold anything, I'm only interested in buying at the moment.
I'm an active member on PullipStyle with the same user-name I have here. I hope you guys will give me a chance to earn your trust by paying promptly and communicating well yay

+1 as buyer~ NectarineFire bought Adsiltia from me, payment was superfast and communication excellent, and I am really happy that despite the postal issues she arrived safely anyway! grin
+1 as a buyer!!
NectarineFire bought my LRRH and is giving her a fantastic home smile She is super wonderful to work with and has a great sense of humor! Thanks again!!
+1 super positive for buying Cavalie's stock outfit.

Great communication. Super responsive and nice person. Recommended!!
[Image: firma-dal.jpg]
+1 as a buyer. Nice and good communication.
+1 buyer~

One of the sweetest and easiest to work with! *Very* understanding and patient with prompt communication and payment! Thanks again for another flawless transaction~! <33
+1 as a buyer. Great communication, would definetly work with her again (: Thanks!
I broke a fingernail. Woops. No I did not, okay? I sliced it. I sliced it like a man.

I'm finally back! Sorry for disappearing! Rb_x
+1 as a buyer.
Fast payment and good communication.
+1 as a buyer, she bought Rida off me and was a pleasure to work with ^^

-BJDs : LM Harmony Chloe, Soom Galena, OR-doll Eris, Souldoll Madalyn, BC Bellezza Carla, La L├ęgende de Temps Edria, nDoll Lovers Ver Yuko, Spiritdoll Blanc White Queen Heart Heart

-My flickr
+5 What a smooth transaction super buyer! Thanks and enjoy them all! smile
+1 as a buyer- very smooth transaction, nice person!

thanks so much Heart 2
+1 as a buyer! SO friendly and just a pleasure to deal with! Thanks so much! smile
+1 as a buyer! Bought my nude Missionary and Naomi. Great communication, super friendly. Would definitely work with her again. Thanks so much and I hope you love your new dollies! Tongue
Own: Photobucket[Image: LanAke.gif][Image: LittlePanda.gif][Image: LittleDido.gif] [Image: Edward.gif][Image: Chill.gif][Image: bloodyred.jpg][Image: Barasuishou.gif][Image: 8467641814_4f93605dab.jpg][Image: 8466547669_eb767baf75.jpg]

Wishlist: [Image: Panda-3.gif][Image: Mercu.gif][Image: Suigintou.gif][Image: Chicca.gif][Image: Zuora.gif]
NectarineFire was my Secret Santa and she sent me TONS of goodies Heart 2

Thank you sooo much yay
grin Nectarine is a very patient and pleasant person to deal with :3 She bought a Rovam, Paja and Bianca from me <3 She was patient to work out the details of the sale with me grin I would love to do business with her again smile

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