feedback for Miss Edith
+1 as a buyer.

She bought 1 Dal and 2 Minis from me and was fantastic. Great communication, she let me know when she could pay me and if things got postponed. Highly recommended! grin Thanks Miss Edith!
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Item: Bought Natural Green Dress for Blythe + 6 pairs of MJS from me^^
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Comment: + 2 as buyer.grin Great communication and very prompt payment. Really recommended buyer. Thank you very much~<3
+2 for purchasing two handsome Young Fellas from me. Taeyang White Rabbit and Butler. As well as for introducing me to the forum and being a very friendly and fun person smile
+1 as a seller. I purchased a mini Ddung from Miss Edith. It was a great price, she had awesome communication, and shipped very quickly. Thanks so much!
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+1 as a fantastic seller! Great communication, well packaged and she was kind enough to hold the dolls for a bit while I got the funds together. Drusilla may say otherwise, but I say Miss Edith is awesome and deserves lots of cakes tonight! Tongue
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+1 for buying a Nude Aquel from me, very wonderful transaction smile
+1 as a buyer. Friendly and good with communication. Thanks! smile
+1, received pumpkin and love her! thanks so much! =]
+1 for our Katoya split. Deb is a trustworthy split partner--she paid her portion when she said she would, is always fun to PM with and let me know as soon as Katoya arrived. i would definitely work with her again. thank you! grin
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+1 as a buyer! She bought some handmade clothing from me and everything went smoothly. Thank yousmile
+1 as a buyer, I would not hesitate to do business with again, was an absolute delight to communicate with Happy
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+1 for buyer. Miss Edith bought two dolls from me. A lovely person, great communication, and and always a pleasure! Thanks!!

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+2 from me for the two fur wigs which arrived today. Thank you. smile
+1 as a seller, I got the Monomono monkey suit and a Monstrodesigns fur wig from her, and they arrived safely in a very timely manner. Very nice communication all through the transaction!
+1 for a nice buyer. Super friendly and great communication. Thank you very much for adopt my boy. smile

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