My first custom Taeyang
I want to know what do you think about my first custom, i wanted to make my own Reita from The Gazette because i admire him a lot! i know he has his defects but i'm pretty happy with him grin

[Image: 4926883119_96ea26a07f.jpg]
Reita!!!!!! por mad_pullips, en Flickr

[Image: 4926884487_ee13687c88.jpg]
Sleeping Reita por mad_pullips, en Flickr

I'll upload more photos of him in my flickr very soon ~
Very nice work! That is a good likeness. smile
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Oh wow he's gorgeous! <333
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Amazing :0 u did a great job!

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He's really lovely. Roc misses him.
[Image: firma-dal.jpg]
That is so good!
I'm really impressed. o_o
Wow, he looks ace, you've done a really fab job with the lips & eye make-up.

Zenaoi: I think that Reita misses Roc sooooo much too ;D (as you can see i'm soo happy with him, finally he's finished! hehe)

Thank you very much to all the people n__n I wanted to make him a very special lips grin
He's very, very gorgeous! <3 He looks a lot like the real guy. That face-up is real different and pretty. Real good job!
And... What did you used for the nose strap? =o it's very interesting.
He looks lovely! Great job!
He is stunning, I love his mouth and eyes Rawr!
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MiGOSH, may I get a custom from you??
Maybe....I'm not so sure....
But I'll DEFINITELY keep you in mind!!
Aww thank you very much to all !! I think i must practice a lot hehe
Wow, that's a brilliant likeness! You did such a fantastic job and hes very cute and very eerie all at once <3 He's lovely ^^
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I have no idea who the person is who you made him after, but you did what looks like a fantastic job on him! He's gorgeous!
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