Candy or Chocolate? Please Help Me Choose.
^ Yep, I think that's the answer. smile
I would go with Candy smile
@ Miss Edith: Dolly break. I told myself I won't be buying dolls until Jan. 2011. Oh well, I just got Lunatic Queen. yay

I'll wait for PS to have another dent box sale for Tiphona. Heh.

@ Bohemian: *sigh* I'm broke.

@ Elsie: She's still wearing her candy wig. yay
Here's to PS having another Tiphona Dent box sale!!!! LMAO. Sugar and Spice twins? Tongue
Wants Heart 2 Feedback Heart 2 Flickr
WTB: Mini Zuzu Delf * Heads * Sooni's pants / plus tons of other clothes & accessories
OMG you make me want Tiphona even more!!! Chocolate!!!
[Image: rawr.jpg]
Thanks to Myufish <3
Own: Robin (Kaela), Kira (Monomono), ??? (Chibi Risa)
On the way: None sad
Wishing for: Amarri, Cinna, My Melody, and more wink

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