Papin, my heart's a goner! Pictures!
Papin made it home yesterday and despite not caring much for her stock wig, she still has stolen my heart, lol. (although the gasps from each of my girls and hubby as they saw the wig was priceless! LMAO) Bonded the 2nd I opened her box! I still intend to replace her wig with another pink one like one from nDoll that is long, but also frames her face with layers. I did want to remember this moment, Of Papin as she is originally and beautifully. :o)

Meet my girl. She may or may not keep her name. Personally, I think her name is adorable and fitting but I'm keeping my mind open until after I've rewigged her & given her a new Obitsu body. I will NOT be replacing her eye chips, I think her eyes and face-up is perfect.

[Image: Papinhome1.jpg]
[Image: PapinandtheMac.jpg]
[Image: Papinandherguitar2.jpg]
[Image: Papinandherfriend.jpg]
[Image: PapinHome2.jpg]
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WTB: Mini Zuzu Delf * Heads * Sooni's pants / plus tons of other clothes & accessories
Oh wow, she is lovely! :0 You know, I never really personally appreciated Papin before, but your first picture especially shows off her beauty (even in that wig XD).

Pst I recognise some of those clothes! XD Glad you're getting good use from them! smile
Yes I am! Those overalls are perfect on her too.

*BIG grin*

That wig sure is something but it's actually growing on me. I can see the appeal but I'm still rewigging her, lol. I can't believe how much her expression sucks you in. She could rule the world. She and Paja. LOL. Good thing I probably won't stumble upon a Paja at a price I could swallow. Life as we know it would be over! wink
Wants Heart 2 Feedback Heart 2 Flickr
WTB: Mini Zuzu Delf * Heads * Sooni's pants / plus tons of other clothes & accessories
She's definitely a beauty smile
[Image: PullipSaleSig.jpg]
She is adorable - and the wig and the overalls make a good look, I think...disheveled but in an absolutely gorgeous way ^^
Wow, she's really beautiful. I love her eyes, they're so stunning. ♥
I love papin's make up, I think she is one of the prettiest pullips smile
I agree with you, I love her stock chips. Purple eyes = gorgeous!
Congrats on your new girl! I love those overalls, they are so cute. smile
Papin is my all time favorite pullip! I love her! Your girl is so pretty!
Papin is so cute, she is one of my favorites smile
Papin is so pretty and you were able to capture her prettiness. yay
I love her eyes!Happy

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