The sweetest mistake.
Hello LOL

Here you can see all my dolls smile
I write a short informationslist for you.
I hope you enjoy all the pictures.

Pullip Mir Happy her new name is Amelia.
I give her a new wig and new clothes.

[Image: DSC_0104.jpg]

Pullip Aquel Happy her new name is Elena.
New Face (but it's not complete xDlol).
Wig, Clothes.

[Image: DSC_0383.JPG]

Pullip My Melody Happy her new name is Ophelia.
Custom by Miema.

[Image: Ophelia.jpg]

Pullip Dita Happy her new name is Emma. (she's come today and I don't make photos^^)

Dal Cinnamoroll Happy her new name is Finn.
Custom by Miema. (only face)

[Image: Finn-1.jpg]

Taeyang Nosferatu Happy his new name is Elias.
Custom by Miema.

[Image: DSC_0024.jpg]

Thanks for visit.

preeeeeeeety grin
also buy my dolls
Amazing! She's uber beautiful! :O
Oh thinks hihi Happy
as weird as this sounds, I love the tone of her skin grin
I love her with the non stock wig >3<
She is lovely, and the wig you picked out for her is perfect!
Gorgeous! <3
She is adorable!
She is so gorgeous! I want a Mir...
I love her in that wig...makes me want a Mir!

SO beautiful - I specially love the first & last photos smile Mir is stunning.
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
New pictures about my newest dolls.
Ophelia & Finn are Customs by Miema.
Enjoy it smile

Thanks for visit.

[Image: Ophelia.jpg]
She's a Pullip MyMelody, her name is Ophelia.
Custom by Miema. (face, body, wig)

[Image: Finn-1.jpg]
She's a Dal Cinnamoroll, her name is Finn.
Custom by Miema. (face)

[Image: DSC_0246.JPG]
She's a Pullip Dita, her name is Emmasmile

Possibly the cutest Dal I've seen, she looks super sweet! I love smiley dals <3
did you carve her lips yourself? - i love how they look yay

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