Cornflower Blue's Feedback
+1 as a buyer - thanks again!
My feedback:

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+1 as an awesome seller, Cornflower Blue sold me a doll head and I absolutely could not be more pleased. Would definitely buy from again without hesitation.
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+1 as a buyer! Super sweet, prompt payment and understanding. Thank you so much! <3
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+1 as a buyer!!

Thank you so much for the quick payment and great communication! It is so much of a relief when a buyer lets you know when they receive their purchase!
I hope both you and your new isul are happy with his new found home!!
+ 1 great buyer!

Effortless transaction. Good communication and quick payment. Thank you!
+1 as a buyer. Nice, clear communication; timely payment; let me know when the item arrived safely. Great transaction!
+1 as a buyer. Participated in a For My Doll Group Order run by me. Communication was excellent, super friendly and payment was incredibly fast. Thanks so much for participating.
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+1 as a buyer. Great communication, lightning-fast payment, smooth transaction. A++
+1 as a buyer. Cornflower Blue was super understanding when I had some issues with my car which lead to some delay in shipping. Thank you so much for being so understanding and patient with me! I hope you enjoy your items. ^^
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+1 as a buyer! she bought my bait t4 body, fast payment and quick responses! I hope it suits your need! smile
+1 Bought some eyechips, came in perfect condition and were shipped quickly and arrived quickly! grin
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+1 for a great seller! Shipped super fast and was excellent to work with! Thank you so much!
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+1 awesome seller!

USPS have raised their prices to insanity, but CornflowerBlue accepted my offer, hence giving me a discount. She shipped quickly and I love the items! Thanks so much yay
+1 as a totally awesome buyer. Fast payment and an overall pleasant transaction.
Thank you so much. ^^

participated in a leekeworld group order i was running and paid both invoices promptly and was thoroughly lovely to work with.

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