My Custom girls: new ELENI
this is my first real full custom doll "Venezia":

"mommy, you cant show me like this!! I need clothes!!"
"yes I will get them soon...but I just want to show your face to the people"
"do you think they like me?"

[Image: 5173399496_4987e57b22.jpg]
CIMG5552a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
oh she is LOVELY smile You did her face? The colours -- sigh. PERFECT !
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
thank you very much!! yes, i did her face...I did it all with chalk pastels

thanks so much for your compliment!
Fantastic job! I love her lips especially - pretty color and nice subtle application!
thank you Bohemian!!
my Venezia became a little mermaid in black...

[Image: 5196118913_9c94a33495.jpg]
CIMG5650a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

this one is a bit blurry, but you can see the outfit...[Image: 5196719214_47b164ef56.jpg]
CIMG5645a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5198144010_b9c8ef26ce.jpg]
CIMG5655a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

how do you like her?
She's gorgeous, so pretty <3

She is so lovely! grin I love the mermaid pictures.
my new custom girl is finished, she just needs straps on her dress ...

but here she is:
[Image: 5331216409_f64bcb7a9d.jpg]
IMGP6019a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331827800_34f44e936f.jpg]
IMGP6018a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331827700_93814d1286.jpg]
IMGP6025a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331827880_04dd5f781f.jpg]
IMGP6020a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331827954_ff34f2ed77.jpg]
IMGP6027a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331217063_1c015dbd71.jpg]
IMGP6029a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5331828058_7d1c42288b.jpg]
IMGP6028a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

I made a full new face-up, I colored the eyechips myself in dark green wit a bit of glitter, certainly new lashes...and her dress is made by me...(but as I said not finished yet...)
the colours are stunning - that wig and her faceup and the dress .. amazing !!! I LOVE her smile Who was she originally?
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Ooh, another nice job. I love her pouty lip shape.
thanl you both very much...she was originally a Stica
Oh you're girls are so beautiful. The colors on both of them are stunning.
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Both your girls are beautiful! You did a great job.

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