Let it snow...please? ^_^
[Image: 5992097185_d071770e9f_m.jpg]
jour 30 | the return by ~*~Sitara~*~, on Flickr
Les Poupées: Angelique {Neo Angelique Angelique} & Quentin {Taeyang Shade}
Angelique has blue eyebrows? I don't like her anymore :/
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Your Angelique is so pretty smile I wish for snow too!! :p
awww she is amazing she is on my wish list for suregrin
My GirlsUdatedpullips2
Ooh, she's very pretty!
That pic is just gorgeous!
She's gorgeous, I love her jumper!

Beautifully stunning photography, wow. :o
Agreed. The picture is very cute.
Aw, we don't see enough pictures of Angelique - she's really pretty! I love her sweater, where'd you get it?
I really love this picture ^^

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Aww she is lovely! Such a sweetheart <3
Where did you get her sweater? I love!

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