There is a NRFB Aquel on eBay in the UK, the seller has £85 BIN on her, which is insanely high right? I checked on PS and she is $84 which converts to about £53. I used the best offer option to offer the seller £50 for her which was declined. I'm not a total lowballer am I? The only thing I would be saving money on by not buying her from PS is the postage from the USA really...... I just wanted a bit of reassurance that I'm not a lowballing jerk!
You are not being a lowballing jerk.
You're being totally reasonable. The seller is obviously out of touch for what the dolls really go for.
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Thanks guys. I guess they will realise that when their item goes unsold.
I notice a lot of the time that dolls on ebay UK are insanely overpriced, even with the postage from PullipStyle added it doesn't cost as much! Or exactly the same and I'd rather pay an honest price + shipping (PS) than an overpriced doll, if that makes sense?
Yes, and at least we know PS are reliable!
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If you can be relieved of this, these dolls have even higher prices in Italy. Paying shipping cost to PS is still way cheaper than buying a doll in Italy.

But sellers that offer these prices, are not people you can discuss with. I've tried the same thing, offering a reasonable price twice, but the seller never accepted. It's clear they only want to earn money on people who don't know the actual prices of the dolls. Or maybe they want us to pay doll actual price + shipping to them + earning more as sellers = a ridiculous high price! xp
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Yeah, UK eBay sellers (Except sme second hand ones) WAY overprice their dolls. You definitely aren't being a lowballer!
I did admittedly buy a doll at an overpriced amount (£75 or so) at a convention, but that was in person. It was too hard to resist. xD
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Pullipstyle now has Aquel up to $120
wow Aquel is now listed as sold out?? how much can I expect to pay for one these days?
Updated request on aquel?

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