Emma Frost pullip
I bought a baity Naomi from Pullipstyle's dentbox section a while ago http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4088/5082...26ef_z.jpg (screencap of the listing). She came to me without arms, legs and a ton of super glue on her forehead but I decided I was going to save her. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with her at first but one of my other major hobbies is reading comics... Somehow I thought Naomi's stock icy eye make up would suit Emma Frost perfectly.

[Image: 5257743749_6332b26af8.jpg]
She is not a full custom, she has been rebodied, rewigged, rechipped and her lips have been "frosted" (her lips now have a white/silvery tint thanks to requiemart).
[Image: 5257745597_7c919ddc31.jpg]
Her corset was donated by Ambitiouslove, I had spent weeks searching for one with no luck when Ambitiouslove stepped forward.
[Image: 5257746723_6bfd2e6be4.jpg]
Even though she is not a full custom, I think she is still recognizable as Emma Frost.
[Image: 5258351516_e3d8ab2e4c.jpg]

[Image: 5258352070_d211219cfb.jpg]
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