Mary Weather's Wish
Mary Weather: *cry*
[Image: Maryswish.jpg]

Momiji: Hey Mary, I'm getting ready to leave have you seen Cai..... Are you ok???
Mary Weather: *cry* I'm fine..... *cry*
[Image: Maryswish2.jpg]

Momiji: No, you aren't. What is it? It can't be that bad.
Mary Weather: *cry* Yes it can!*cry*
[Image: Maryswish3.jpg]

Momiji: Come on. Sit up here and tell me. You know you can tell me anything.
Mary Weather: *sniff* I can't make any friends. Everybody wants to be friends with Sakura but nobody likes me.
[Image: Maryswish4.jpg]

Momiji: I thought I was your friend. I like you.
Mary Weather: You're my best friend but it's not the same. You're a boy. I need a friend who's a girl.
Momiji: You probably shouldn't be so mean to them, especially Sakura....
[Image: Maryswish5.jpg]

Mary Weather: I'm not mean!
Momiji: Come on don't be that way! Kaori told her brother what you said to Sakura the other day. You know that wasn't very nice.
Mary Weather: Well yeah but.... She didn't ask me to go riding with them. She asked everybody but me to go.
[Image: Maryswish6.jpg]

Momiji: Still, if you had said something nice, they probably would have let you come too.
Mary Weather: Maybe...... Ok. I'll try to be nicer.... Oh! Hey! You wanted a bunny for Sakura right? Will this one do?
[Image: Maryswish7.jpg]

Momiji: It's perfect! It even has some pink on it! Are you sure?
Mary Weather: Yes. She can have. She'll like it.
Momiji: Thank you so much! *hug*
[Image: Maryswish8.jpg]

Momiji: I'll tell her it's from you.
Mary Weather: No don't! I don't want her to like me just because I give her things.
[Image: Maryswish9.jpg]

Momiji: Oh. I wonder if she only likes me because I give her things.
Mary Weather: *giggle* You liar! You don't wonder that at all! She likes you because you are cute and funny and you know it!
Momiji: *smile* Yeah, I know.
[Image: Maryswish10.jpg]

Mary Weather: Oh! Would you like some cocoa? It has whipped cream.
Momiji: No thank you. I have to go. I'm supposed to meet Sakura soon and I'm going to be late.
[Image: Maryswish11.jpg]

Mary Weather: Then hurry up! You don't want to be late! It's very rude to make a lady wait!
Momiji: *laughs* Ok Mary. I'll go. You're ok now?
Mary Weather: Yes. I'll be fine. I'll try harder to make friends.
[Image: Maryswish12.jpg]

Mary Weather: Well, Cuddles, do you think that Momiji is right and if I'm nicer Sakura and the other girls will like me?
[Image: Maryswish13.jpg]
Awww, I hope Mary Weather has more luck with making friends now! It was nice of Momiji to help her out! (where's the Warm Fuzzy emoticon?) smile
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Ah I'm glad Mary Weather feels better, I hope the others give her a chance :3 Her lamb plush is adorable too <3
Aww that was so cute! I hope everyone likes her in the end!

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