I Think I Love You......
[Image: IThinkILoveYou1.jpg]
Sakura: Zoey are you here?
Zoey: Sakura?

[Image: IThinkILoveYou2.jpg]
Sakura: I found you! Zoey....
Zoey: Sa....kura?

[Image: IThinkILoveYou3.jpg]
Sakura: can I talk to you? Sister to sister?
Zoey: Of course!

[Image: IThinkILoveYou4.jpg]
Kona: Ok. I'm going.
Sakura: No.... Actually.... Kona can you stay? Maybe you can help too.
Zoey: Sakura, what's wrong?

[Image: IThinkILoveYou5.jpg]
Kona: Ok, staying. What's going on?
Zoey: Are you ok?
Sakura: Yes.... I mean no..... I mean.....

[Image: IThinkILoveYou6.jpg]
Kona: Spit it out, Babe.
Sakura: I don't think Momiji likes me very much.
Zoey: Huh? Why would you think that?
Kona: Last I heard, he adored you.
Sakura: Then why won't he kiss me?

[Image: IThinkILoveYou7.jpg]
Kona: He hasn't kissed you yet?
Sakura: *whimper* No.
Zoey: But wait a minute..... I thought he kissed you when you first met.
Sakura: Well...... Yes, but only on the cheek and he hasn't since.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou8.jpg]
Zoey: Really? He hasn't?
Sakura: No....
Kona: You want me to talk to him? I'll call him right now.
Sakura: No! He'll think I'm stupid!
Kona: No he won't, I won't even let him know you talked to me. Trust me.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou9.jpg]
Sakura: No, Kona, please!
Kona: Hey Brah! I was talking to Zoey and I thought you could settle something.
Momiji: Ok......

[Image: IThinkILoveYou10.jpg]
Kona: See, we found this great little private spot and I told her I should tell you about it so you could bring Sakura. Then she said that her sister wasn't that kind of girl. And I told her she had a dirty mind and that wasn't what I meant. That I only meant that I'm sure she liked kissing as much as the next girl, so maybe you can.....
Momiji: I wouldn't know.
Kona: What? Dude, what do you mean you wouldn't know?
Momiji: I haven't exactly kissed her yet.
Sakura: *whispering* Zoey, please make it stop! This is so embarrassing!
Kona: You haven't....Dude!!! Why not?
Momiji: Well... Last time she kinda ran away.....

[Image: IThinkILoveYou11.jpg]
Sakura: *whispering* Please Zoey! Please! I'm begging you!
Zoey: *whispering* Shhhhhhh! He'll hear you!
Momiji: What was that????

[Image: IThinkILoveYou12.jpg]
Kona: That was a face palm, Dude. No, that was the mother of all face palms. Dude! Kiss the girl!!!
Momiji: You know, you say dude an awful lot. And I don't want to scare her away again.
Sakura: *whimpering quietly and whispering* I'm going to just die, Zoey. And it will be all your fault.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou13.jpg]
Kona: *sigh* I think if she was going to run away it would have happened 2 months ago. Listen. This is what you need to do. You need to hang up with me and call her. Tell her you need to see her today. Bring her flowers, or candy, or I dunno, some sort of present. Take her to a quiet spot and tell her how you feel and kiss her. She's going to start wondering if you like her at all if you don't show her how you feel.
Momiji: O......Ok......
Kona: Later Brah.
Momiji: Bye.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou14.jpg]
*beep beep bloop*........... *beep beep bloop*

[Image: IThinkILoveYou15.jpg]
Sakura: He....Hello?

[Image: IThinkILoveYou16.jpg]
Sakura: O.... Ok. Sure. I'll see you then.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou17.jpg]
Sakura: Thank you, Kona!!!!
Kona: Woah! Hey!
Zoey: *giggle*

[Image: IThinkILoveYou18.jpg]
Sakura: *muffled* Kaori is right! You're the best big brother ever!
Kona: Thanks Babe. And you're a great little sister.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou19.jpg]
Sakura: I love you, Kona!..... You know..... Like a brother.....
Kona: *laugh* I love you too. Like a sister.
Sakura: Oh my gosh! I gotta go get ready! Bye!


[Image: IThinkILoveYou20.jpg]
Sakura: What is all that?
Momiji: You'll see!

[Image: IThinkILoveYou21.jpg]
Momiji: I didn't know what to bring, so I just made all your favorites. I probably went over board. I hope it's ok.
Sakura: Wow! It looks great!

[Image: IThinkILoveYou22.jpg]
Momiji: Oh and I wanted to bring a present, but I couldn't choose one so i got everything.
Sakura: *blush* Thank you......
Momiji: *smile* Let's eat!


[Image: IThinkILoveYou23.jpg]
Sakura: That was good!
Momiji: I'm glad you liked it! I'm going to clean up, then I think we need to talk......
Sakura: *gulp*

[Image: IThinkILoveYou24.jpg]
Momiji: Ok ummm..... I'm not sure how to say this......
Sakura: You don't like me anymore.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou25.jpg]
Momiji: What?? Seriously? Is that actually what you think?
Sakura: Maybe..... I mean...... I don't know......

[Image: IThinkILoveYou26.jpg]
Momiji: I am SO sorry. I really messed up.
Sakura: It's......... Ok. I get it......

[Image: IThinkILoveYou27.jpg]
Momiji: No, Sakura. That's NOT what I was going to say. I just.... I wanted to tell you that..... Come here! I can't tell you this when you're way over there.
Sakura: O.....k.......

[Image: IThinkILoveYou28.jpg]
Momiji: Sakura, I...... I think I love you.
Sakura: *gulp*

[Image: IThinkILoveYou29.jpg]
Momiji: And I mean really love you. I really wanted you to know that.
Sakura: I....... I think I love you too, Momiji......

[Image: IThinkILoveYou30.jpg]

[Image: IThinkILoveYou31.jpg]
Momiji: Heh. Well you don't seem to be trying to run away this time.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou32.jpg]
Sakura: Did you actually think I would?!
*pounce*.... *kiss*

[Image: IThinkILoveYou33.jpg]
Momiji: *whispers* I know I love you, Sakura.

[Image: IThinkILoveYou34.jpg]
Momiji: *whispers* I love you so much more than I could ever love anyone.
Awwww that made me smile so big! Yay Sakura! I just love all your stories!
cuteness!!! - i love that - there so cute together smile
Woah this one actually made me a tad uncomfortable O____o I can't seem to get the fact that Dals are Taeyangs' sister and underage out of my mind Sweatdrop but otherwise cute story smile
Haha so what do you think of Isuls are you considering ordering any of them? They might be perfect for "young love" stories! grin
LOL Well, these 2 are only 2 years apart. She's 13 and he's 15. And Momiji only has 1 sister and she's 3. And Sakura only has 5 sisters. No brothers. As for Isuls, they are cute, so I suppose we will have to wait and see. LOL
Aw, so sweet! I always thought of 15 as the "cut-off" age between Dals and the "older" dolls Pullip and Taeyang, for some reason, so while I don't have a Dal and a Tae in a relationship, I do have a Dal and a Pullip who are only a year apart and go to school together. smile You did a good job making Momiji look young, with the clothes he wears and his boyish hair, so I think he and Sakura look cute together! LOL but it's true that if you can't get the "official" story out of your head, it could be a bit creepy to see! LOL
awww that was adorable! :3
I've been following Sakura's love story all along, and i love it! smile
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Awwww, that is so ridiculously sweet!!! Heart
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