Dress-up doll versions of my girls....
I found this awesome doll maker...

& made my girls up using it! I had to do a touch of photoshopping to get it exact, but here you go....

[Image: newsiggy.jpg]

Trouble is, I put it in my siggy, but they have to be so small that all the detail goes, which sucks, but it's fun anyhow! I've started making up future dolls on there (yes, I get bored, lol). Here's Polly (Aya) & Kitty (Kirsche)...

[Image: PollyKittynew.jpg]

Feel free to post versions of your dolls in this thread smile

I love your girls, even in cartoon form grin

Thankyou for that hun, I have been checking out dollmakers for a while to try making my family. This one looks great **off to play all Sunday afternoon* :p
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lol, make sure you post the results! smile

Oh I love playing around with those things LOL
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addictive isn't it!

This is fun LOL
Here are my two girls, Cain and Ligeia:
[Image: caindoll2.png]
Woo! Elsie, thanks for posting those, your dolls look awesome!

I played for a while and got ONE girl made straight My OCD tendencies make me far too fussy plus the fact I can't bloody see because I need new glasses does not help wink
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I did one for Giselle, it's not quite right though. :/

[Image: Giselle2.png]
I think it looks great smile very beauty queen!

Thank you! Happy
I've been on there again, as you guys can probably tell from my siggy, lol....but here's what I've been up to....

[Image: Dollfamilysofar.jpg]

I updated my current girls as I didn't like the ones I'd done for them before, & I did dolls for the next few girls I have planned......I need to get out more, lol!

I used to love playing these when I was younger.

[Image: amxumc.png] [Image: 105az5i.png]

The first one is Maguna. xD Turned out better than I expected. The other is /supposed/ to be Zuora.

This is fun, I might do one of Prupate, even though I don't know if I will get one or not. Sweatdrop
^They look really cwl! <3 How is everyone getting rid of the pink background?? Do you press the 'print' or 'email' button? I've just been doing screen shots & then phot-shopping them.

I was playing it as a kid too. ^^
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