Please welcome Sydney!
Every time I say 'no new dolls' I end up with another one! Well it was my birthday at the end of last month... :3

This is Sydney - Chelsea, obviously. I am keeping her stock wig and eyes (the wig is beautiful, stunning! <3 It's so soft). I'll probably keep her in some of her stock as well (except for her stock shirt which I do not like, I need to find a decent alternative, any suggestions?), which is unusual for my dolls, but she has a perfect look already for her character....she is likely to be a british girl, I think she has a british look about her. ^^

[Image: S6304682.jpg]

[Image: S6304710.jpg]

[Image: S6304712.jpg]
She's gorgeous! I love her stock socks, too cute!

She is so cute!!! Congrats on your new girl!!!
Congrats on your new girl! She's gorgeous smile
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It is quite surprising how fast dolls multiply! grin Sydney is beautiful, you must be so happy she arrived!
She´s so cute, Congrats!! Happy
Thanks all! ^^ Chelsea is a beautiful doll, and her stock is really nice quality! Sydney is very happy here, she is already forging herself a place. :3

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