Kirsche has finally Obitsu!
[Image: 5574128915_1181a98c8f.jpg]

[Image: 5574711358_f204bc5714.jpg]

[Image: 5574709076_d760bd1f07.jpg]

[Image: 5574121763_1e20cbfa02.jpg]

[Image: 5574703934_536dc227c5.jpg]

[Image: 5574701768_03367dd253.jpg]
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
Oooooooooh <33 She is beautiful, I adore Kirsche, she will be my next purchase. I love your photographs, they're really lovely.

you take the most beautiful photos smile and all your dolls are stunning !
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I'm always stunned by Kirsche's whole package; she's beautiful! That dress matches her perfectly!
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She is so pretty!!!

I would love to have one with green eyes.
She's lovely, I really like the second picture.
Thank you very much everybody! Soon you will change the wig but I'm not too sure because I like her wig stock
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
I'm a total sucker for red heads anyway but she looks gorgeous.
Beautiful pics!
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Awhh she's a beaut n__n It makes me excited for my own Obitsu'd Kirsche to arrive!! <3

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She is beautiful ! I love the color of her hair smile The obitsus are just necessary, our dolls cannot live without x)
Thank you very much !
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]

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