Brother Of Poisons
[Image: brotherofpoison1.jpg]
Cain: Hmmm..... Maybe..... Let's see.....

[Image: brotherofpoison2.jpg]
Nathaniel: Hey Cain. Is Ma...... What are you doing?
Cain: I'm tending to my poison plants. I'm working on a new poison made with roses. It's administered as a tea. But I can't seem to ge........

[Image: brotherofpoison3.jpg]
Cain: Nathaniel. Is there something you wanted?
Nathaniel: Oh. Umm. Is Mary here?

[Image: brotherofpoison4.jpg]
Cain: She is. Mary! You have a guest! She'll be down in a moment.
Nathaniel: Thank you.

[Image: brotherofpoison5.jpg]
Cain: Though I'm not certain I like the idea of boys calling upon my little sister. Do you like tea Nathaniel?

[Image: brotherofpoison6.jpg]
Nathaniel: Ummm. No sir! I mean! Yes sir! I mean yes Mr. Cain sir!

[Image: brotherofpoison7.jpg]
Cain: Lord. Lord Cain, Nathaniel. Not Mister.
Nathaniel: Yes, Mist.... Er....Lord Cain.

[Image: brotherofpoison8.jpg]
Cain: Mary!
Mary Weather: Is it Sakura??? Oh.... It's you.....
Nathaniel: Hi Mary.

[Image: brotherofpoison9.jpg]
Nathaniel: Do you want to go riding with me?
Mary Weather: No thank you. I'm waiting for Sakura to get here.
Cain: *snicker*

[Image: brotherofpoison10.jpg]
Nathaniel: Oh...... Ok then......
*bloop bloop bloop blip blip blip*

[Image: brotherofpoison11.jpg]
Mary Weather: What is that?
Cain: It's a.... Cell phone.... Kona said they are a necessity in this century.

[Image: brotherofpoison12.jpg]
Cain: Hello. This is Cain......... Yes. One moment.
Mary: Who is it?

[Image: brotherofpoison13.jpg]
Cain: It's for you Mary.
Mary Weather: For me?

[Image: brotherofpoison14.jpg]
Mary Weather: Hello...... Sakura!.....Riding? Yes of course I do!...... He's not home. He's here....... Yes, ok. See you soon!

[Image: brotherofpoison15.jpg]
Mary Weather: I'm going riding with Sakura. You may come with us if you like.
Nathaniel: Me???? Sure!
Cain: Mary, did you finish your studies?
Mary Weather: Ummm....... Almost?
Cain: Mary, you have to finish them or you may not go.

[Image: brotherofpoison16.jpg]
Mary Weather: Pleeeeeeease Cain!!! Please please please!!!
Cain: *sigh* Mary, sometimes I'm certain I spoil you. All right, but you better finish them later.

[Image: brotherofpoison17.jpg]
Mary Weather: Thank you! Come on Nathaniel let's go!
Cain: Nathaniel. Mary is very dear to me. It would be wise of you to not forget that.
Nathaniel: Yes Lord Cain.
LOL..."Do you like tea?"

Another adorable pic fic! Nathaniel looks very cute in that wig, too!
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awe they make such a cute couple yay
LOL I really enjoyed your picfic. I'm thinking I would be on Cain's side though, a 10 year old girl he loves ... I would be brewing the tea too LOL
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Aww, poor Nathaniel has it rough! He's really going to have to persevere! It's hard to stand up to a very overprotective brother...particularly if he is capable of poisoning you. @_@
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Your pic-fics always are the cutest Heart 2
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