my new Custom - a Byul!!!
Aw she looks cute, I like the pic of her holding the blowy thingy >_<
OMG I love her!!!
My dolls:Samara (Sfoglia), Mara (Custom), Corey (Seiran), Shizu (Yuki), Anomaly (Lunatic Alice), Aiden (Naomi), Sadie (Zuora),
Crimson (Lunatic Queen), Amalia (Elisabeth), Bloody Mary (Mir), Lana (Eos), Jareth (Sebastian), Dante (Butler), Tarja (Tiphona), Cassidy (Jaldet), Elliott (Naomi), Snookie (Chelsea), Lazulie (Another Alice), Silence (Regen Noir)
the little Byul is now for sale...
You did amazing job! I really like her smile

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