Clarity's new wig <3
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obitsu is really easy, the hardest part is getting the 1.5cm neck peg supplied sanded/cut/melted (however you choose to do it) down the the 5mm it needs to be to fit into your pullips head. providing you have a teeny tiny screw driver getting the head off is the easy bit hehe
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That wig really suits her well. When there is one for sale, you can always buy another stock body that matches her.
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Really she is lovely with her new wig!!
Sorry to hear about her hand... hope she gets a new one (or body) soon!

That wig is very pretty on her!
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Honey is a great name for her. Her new wig is wonderful; I love the ringlets in the back. That's sad about her hand though; poor little dear.
She's really pretty and her new wig looks great on her. Clarity is a stunning doll isn't she? Hope you can acquire a new body for her.
Her wig is sooo pretty! I want to play with it...
Thank you all for the nice comments. <3

Does anyone know if Obitsu hands will fit into type 4 wrists? I've always noticed how big obitsu hands are compared to stock bodies so that has me a bit worried. Then again I could always try to file down the peg. Just the hands themselves aren't much so if it didn't work it wouldn't be a huge loss.
The name Honey suits her really well grin she is adorable!
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I just tried for you, & Obitsu hand pegs are too big to fit into a type 4 wrist :/ You can buy type 4's second hand, check out the sales area of the forum. I'll be selling a type 4 in a couple of months (It's from a Grell), I can PM you as soon as I am incase you haven't founf one in the meantime. Obitsu-ing's a lot easier than it looks, like others have said, clipping the neck peg down is actually the hardest part :p I Obitsu all my girls, & really love the posibility & realism of them....but, a lot of people obitsu because they think they should & then hate the results, so do your research before you take the plunge smile If you'd like any comparison pics between obitsu's & type 4's let me know.
I love your girls wig & name <33 Where did you get the wig? That's the kind of thing my sister was looking for but we couldn't find anything on ebay.

That new wig is stunning!
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Thanks you guys! yay

I'll certainly have to check into that. I'm horrified of removing the head though. -shudder- and the flopyness might get on my nerves a bit. I'll have to research the Obitsu a bit more. I've seen Dolfie bodies and others but they don't look right to me. :/ I could always try to get the Obitsu hand and try to file it down with the huge filer that's in the tool-shed, but it still might look a bit awkward when it gets on.
I got the wig from someone on called Blytaholic. It comes from Hong Kong but it shipped super fast! And it came with a card and a little plastic bow. :3 I definitely recommend them. It was a very good price and lots to choose from.
And thank you so much! <3
Aw! Her wig is so pretty! It really suits her
I like this wig color on her .. so pretty .
I am considering getting her so this photos helped me ^^

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