Çho¢o's Doll Family ! ≧▽≦
(06-25-2011, 03:14 AM)ichigo3lemon Wrote: You have a wonderful family! They are all beautiful and have great style smile

Thanks Ichigo .. I am happy to read your comment ^^

(06-26-2011, 05:29 AM)cupcake Wrote: I ADORE your family. They're all so lovely ♥
Candy and Peach are just too cute > u <

Thanks cupcake *what a YUMMIE neckname wink* .. Thanks for enjoying peach and candy .. I should say Candy can use more photos, I only got 3 photos of her!

(06-27-2011, 07:47 PM)kuronekohime Wrote: They are all so beautiful!

Thank you sweetie ^^
[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]

Ebay Etsy

♥ My Family ♥
Suiseiseki (Ginger) Amarri (Aiko-Chan) Dita (Emmie) Blanche (Raya) Chelsea (Candy) Xiao-Fan (Peach) Lolli (Chloi) Jasmine (Kirsche) Bianca (Lunatic Queen) Anica (Lunatic Queen) Veritas (2nd hand) Veritas (2nd hand) Raphia (custom) Nahh-Ato (custom) MM (MIB) Cinci (MIB) Prunella (MIB) Tiphona (MIB)

Puki (Clair) Cinnamoroll (BonBon)

Wayne (Alex) Butler (Edwen)

LF Rachel face plate

Looking for:
Pullips: Rida - Papin
BJD: FairyLand Face Plates for Pukifee + Littlefee - FairyLand LittleFee body - Unoa Face plate

[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]

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