my Prunella twins
FINALLY got Willow a wig I adore ...
[Image: 2lcaate.jpg]

and I THOUGHT I had for Rowan too sly
[Image: sqt72f.jpg]

GRR, love the colours, don't love the style on her. It will have to do for now though, and I think my girls look beautiful in their specially made dresses by sewgrandmacathy on etsy smile

***better late them never, Gem wink ***

[Image: 95z9mo.jpg]
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Both are gorgeous, awww so adorable!!
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Your girls are very beautiful! I like that color wig on Rowan!
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EEEE I want a prunella so bad, they are so pretty!
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Very pretty, I love Willow's wig!
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thankyou all, very much smile My dolls deserve a better photographer, but their beauty manages to shine through anyway LOL

Rowan's wig is a cancan green something or other (with tiny pale blue streaks) and Willow's is a Monique Angelic Romance in celtic rose/blonde.
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
:O !!!!!!!!! shocked! lol! I love your girls, so nice to finally see them smile That curly wig is really lovely, & I really like the green on Rowan. Gorgeous girls <3

Practice makes perfect with taking photographs wink *hint hint*

LOL pushy pushy :p I know and now that I have begun I am going to keep practising. To start with, these 2 want photos taken with their BFs - sigh.

And thankyou for your lovely comments smile
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
They are both very pretty girls--and their outfits are beautiful. I think my favorite of the two is Rowan--her wig is a lovely color. (And I want to see their BFs too, so looking forward to more pics!)
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They're both pretty! grin
thankyou KiraKira - Willow's other half Griffon (Lead) is very laid back and doesn't care if he has his photo taken or not. Doyle though (Rowan's BF Filato) is a stress head. He and Rowan getting ready for a photo shoot will probably kill me LOL

amethyst - thankyou smile (your name is my favourite gem stone so it makes me smile every time I see it)
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
what a lovely twins smile
Willow and Rowan are both beautiful and I find their dresses very gorgeous . I just wish you'd be able to take a photo of them on white background, so we can enjoy the colors of their outfits ^^. I think Willow's wig was worth the wait .. very nice color and waves <3
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