My dolls
Zoey (Pullip Stica)
[Image: Zoeymail.jpg]
[Image: Zoeymail3.jpg]
[Image: Zoeymail2.jpg]

Yanagi (Pullip Angelic Pretty Sfoglia)
[Image: Yanagimail.jpg]
[Image: Yanagimail2.jpg]

Kona (TaeYang Lead)
[Image: Konamail.jpg]
[Image: Konamail2.jpg]

Cain (TaeYang Sebastian)
[Image: Cainmail.jpg]
[Image: Cainmail2.jpg]

Momiji (TaeYang Andrew)
[Image: Momijimail.jpg]
[Image: Momijimail2.jpg]

Sakura (Dal Magical Pink Chan)
[Image: Sakuramail.jpg]
[Image: Sakuramail2.jpg]

Mary Weather (Dal Sakura)
[Image: MaryWeathermail.jpg]
[Image: MaryWeathermail2.jpg]

Ichigo (Dal Angelic Pretty Maretti)
[Image: Ichigomail.jpg]
[Image: Ichigomail2.jpg]

Sayuri, my foster doll (Dal Angry)
[Image: Sayurimail.jpg]
[Image: Sayurimail2.jpg]

Kaori (Byul Angelic Pretty Cocotte)
[Image: Kaorimail.jpg]
[Image: Kaorimail2.jpg]

Nathaniel (Isul Jimmy X)
[Image: Nathanielmail.jpg]
[Image: Nathanielmail2.jpg]

Little Kat (Bratz Kidz Lilani)
[Image: LittleKatmail.jpg]
[Image: LittleKatmail2.jpg]

Alyssa (Angel Pullip Ally)
[Image: Alyssamail.jpg]
[Image: Alyssamail2.jpg]

Ashley (Angel Dal Biccy)
[Image: Ashleymail.jpg]
[Image: Ashleymail2.jpg]

Anyabelle (Little Pullip Little R)
[Image: Anyabellemail.jpg]
[Image: Anyabellemail2.jpg]

Momo (Little Pullip+ Blue Alice)
[Image: Momomail.jpg]
[Image: Momomail2.jpg]

Alice (Little Dal+ Pink Alice)
[Image: Alicemail.jpg]
[Image: Alicemail2.jpg]
I love Zoey! Especially her hair <3
Now that I'm back at school, I won't be coming on as much
They are all cute! I love Sayuri--she's so bright and pretty. smile
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What a great little doll family Heart
You have a wonderful doll family. yay

I like Zoey's hair. grin
What a sweet family you have! Your angel girls are really cute! :]
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Although you are always posting a lot of pics I didn't realize that you have so many dolls, sweetie Heart 2
My dolls:Samara (Sfoglia), Mara (Custom), Corey (Seiran), Shizu (Yuki), Anomaly (Lunatic Alice), Aiden (Naomi), Sadie (Zuora),
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Yup! 16 and 1 foster doll! I think I'm a bit addicted.....

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