Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^
Yes, it's true, it's really the new Pullip Masamune from the Sengoku Basara dolls. grin
Did you expect her to be THAT pretty? I don't! I am so surprised! She has such a beautiful natural face-up and I'm totally in love with her pretty lips. <3

[Image: 5877701469_7fcb67c8d1.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5878267288_3c1ac4b2b9.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5877705589_c37cb417c3.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5878265886_ba71c13dd7.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5877703967_13aaf1a16e.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5878264418_2292535f68.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5878263870_78867c47e3.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr

[Image: 5878263318_8f4885ea4a.jpg]
Pullip Masamune goes Lolita ^^ by Suemomo, on Flickr
she looks really pretty and your photo taking skills are wonderful! However, despite how nicely natural the rest of her makeup looks I cant help but to focus on those angry eyebrows D: I keep thinking.. If only they were shaped differently.
With that Angelic Pretty dress set she looks pretty cute. But she still isn't my type of doll. Though you really made me like her now LOL
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Wow she looks great dressed like that! I thought her face-up was pretty terrifying, but here she looks more mischievous than scary smile
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She looks gorgeous <3 I am a little put off by those eyebrows though, lol, but then I guess they could be sanded off & re-done.

I already said it over at Flickr, but I absolutely love your pics of her! I was already wondering whether I should get her, but I love her so much in your pics I absolutely have to now! <3
She looks wonderful redressed like this!
I LOVE her! Thank you so much I have really wanted to see what she looked like out of that suite they have her in! I am all the more convinced she is the perfect doll for a character I want to make.
[Image: 14939124571_371f909e27_m.jpg]
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She looks so cheeky and mischievous! You really capture her in your photos x3
You take the best pictures!

She looks gorgeous! smile

I think I fell in love o.O She really is amazing!
What kind of wig she's wearing if I could ask? smile
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I didn't like her face at all until I saw these pictures. Now I can totally see her joining my family.
Not my kind of girl but you've def made the best of her x
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she is so pretty !! I couldn't imagine saying that about her before. GOD I wish you took all the photos for Groove. We can see what we need to judge how much we like a doll.
Anyhow, thankyou for sharing these pics. Beautiful smile
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She is so pretty--thanks for posting your photos! I preordered her, and after seeing some not-so-attractive photos, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like her as I had hopedl. Now I have no regrets about pre-ordering her. She looks gorgeous in that outfit.

And I quite like her eyebrows and wicked face-up. She'll definitely be a different kind of doll than what I normally go for...
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