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I spend so little time with my Aya Yaminia the past half year I even thought of selling her :shock: But after playing with her a little bit I realized just how attached I am to her (and all my dolls for that matter LOL ) so I bought her a cute little dress to make up for it.

Here she is wearing it:

[Image: 5994447054_5e543bd8b8_z.jpg]
Yaminia by Aienhime, on Flickr

[Image: 5994445258_ae1cb2b72c_z.jpg]
Yaminia by Aienhime, on Flickr

What a beautiful doll ...
I always considered buying her since she got this catchy star make up ! smile
I am glad you decided to keep her ... she is a special girl and that dress is beautiful on her
[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]

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[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]
She is a beauty!
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Aya is gorgeous, and I love her dress! It's so cute smile I'm glad you didn't sell her!
She is gorgeous smile

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