Sweet prince....
All hail Prince Agni! On your knees, not worthy of his light!
Wisdom, beauty, courage.
Also he's a bonehead.

So ERRRR anyway please welcome Agni - he's been with me for awhile yet I was waiting for proper time to photograph him [sunset] yet I was too lazy and impatient...

He was originally Wati [you can see his hair, necklace and turban], but with the help of my boyfriend we airbrushed him into nice dark-skinned beauty. He's on Volks body and has light brown eyechips.
I wanted to paint him, but we tried painting over his makeup- and it's still visible enough smile I have to re-do his lips but I'm waiting for gloss.
I am still not decided on the wig- with semi-curly brown hair he look like Kijani brother. With golden wig he doesn't has the look I was carving. ATM he's with his stock wig.
I want dreads for him....

Well he's self-proclaimed prince of all life. He's very rich and indeed from royalty but he's too bossy. In the end you could EVENTUALLY count on him and SOMETIMES he's doing something nice. That's probably the reason I haven't found him on floor with gouged eyes, ripped clothing and limbs all across my room.
As all my dolls he likes reading- he enjoy books about photography, art and biographies.
He's also playing the mandolin and despite his looks he's very good with computer. I mean that he like playing computer games [which is a shame I don't have dolly computer yet].
Also - he smokes, same as Kijani. He hate him btw.

[Image: img_4242.jpg]

[Image: img_4243.jpg]

[Image: img_4244.jpg]

[Image: img_4245.jpg]

[Image: img_4246.jpg]

[Image: img_4250.jpg]

[Image: img_4251.jpg]

[Image: img_4252.jpg]

...or at least give me that cage...
[I wish I had TV remote for this ;p]
[Image: img_4253.jpg]

And little pic to show the difference in shade between guys smile
[Image: img_4254.jpg]
We're Polish. We don't drink THAT much. We drink more.
Wow! He looks awesome smile
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Nice job! He's certainly a very original character, I'll bet he'll be even cooler by the time you've finished with him! smile
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he is amazing. i think i'm in love!
Wow, he's GORGEOUS! I love his reddish color. He looks so regal and elegant! :o
He is absolutely stunning!
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