Jornal: 2: Introductions
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I was a little worried when the girl led me around the back of the house but she explained that everyone was out on the back porch enjoying the evening. This frightened me that I would meet them all at once and I almost stopped dead in my tracks but shear will kept me walking. We rounded the house and came upon a large deck filled with people, I thought for sure there were at lest a hundred but of course it was only eight.
The girl walked right up and announced for all to hear, “They guys! Look what the cat drug home!” Of course every eye in the place turned and stared at me while I turned beet red, I thought I was going to be sick.
One blond boy said with a laugh, “Well at lest you picked a pretty one this time, Nina!”
Everyone chuckled and a boy with a milky eye retorted, “What I’m not good looking enough for ya?” He then gave a playful smile.
“Now, now boys knock it off.” Nina said. “Alright on to introductions! As you heard I’m Nina. Now this is…” I got a little lost as she rattled off names and pointed at people but here’s what I finally sorted out. The boy with the blond hair is Much, next to him was his cosine Maddie, and above her was Allen(Nina’s husband), next to him was Edmund(Nina’s brother) and his wife Djaq(pronounced jack, these people seem to have very interesting name’s hehe I guess I fit in pretty well) and standing in the middle was Nina, by her was the boy with the milky eye whose name is Loric and beside him was his wife Leah, sister of Maddie and cosine of Much. Few! Now I must remember all this! Well then Nina turned to me and said, waving her hands, “…and everyone this is…is… well I don’t know her name.” Much said something about being to generous and trusting but I was really to nerves and didn’t hear him.
I blushed, “Solaris.” I couldn’t muster anything else. I think Djaq murmured something like ’beautiful.’
Edmund smiled warmly and said, “Welcome to the family, Solaris.” Much launched into a million questions about my life but Leah saw how tired I was and, along with Djaq and Nina, guided me into the house. Down to a bedroom with two beds, which I was informed was Maddie’s room, and left me to sleep, and where I’m now writing this. I still can’t believe all that has happened today and how blessed I am, but now I just don’t think I can keep my eye’s open a minute longer! Sigh, now what will tomorrow bring?
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Wow, it does look like a big crowd, even though there are just 8 others there in that group shot. I'm sure Solaris fits right in. smile
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That was sweet, I enjoyed reading that smile hope Solaris is settling in ok.

Thank you! She is starting to get the hang of how things work around here and everyone loves her!
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