New girl Cinnamoroll
I have had her a while, I have just been too busy to take photos of her. And I thought Dewdrop Dazzle have lovely matching colours so I had to have her in the pics ^^.
[Image: DSCF5340.jpg]
[Image: DSCF5344.jpg]
Note the lovely pony hairclip as well grin.
[Image: DSCF5346.jpg]
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She's so cute! I think the pony hairclip is really adorable in her hairstyle!
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She's so pretty <3 Love the hair clip too!

Gorgeous! I've never really had an interest in Dals until I saw Cinnamoroll! Lucky! She is one of my grails Happy

Ps. Is that pony clip vintage?! I've never seen one before! So perfect for her! xd
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[Image: 767273fjipnjefwi.gif]
What a cutie, I love all that blue on her and her little mug Heart 2

@MintyFresh: That clip is available at H&M in Europe atm smile
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Thanks guys ^^. She is the first Dal that caught my attention. I love those H&M clips, I wouldn't wear them myself but they are perfect for dolls.
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