My very first Pullip: Suiseiseki (Natalie)
My very first Pullip is a Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki, but all that's left of her is her faceup and eye chips, because I gave her an Obitsu and a different wig smile. I actually bought the loose Suiseiseki head through from a Japanese seller on Yahoo.

I love her, I named her Natalie grin. In the first picture she's wearing a second hand Taeyang Cavalie wig:

[Image: 6268672565_0bdde11841.jpg]

But currently she's wearing a second hand Aquel wig which I think suits her very well (but I have more wigs on the way, so who knows):

[Image: 6269505075_50b7cf4df0.jpg]

Yesterday I made her her first outfit, which is very simple - just like everything else I made lol, I'm a crappy seamstress - but I like it anyway smile

[Image: 6272319207_f5234ccf25.jpg]

Emma seems a bit unsure about her new housemate:

[Image: 6272841096_1d0fcd2fe0.jpg]
The lighter hair colours look darling with her eyes.
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Thanks, I agree smile. I mainly bought this particular Pullip for the beautiful Rozen Maiden faceup though, I will probably change her eye chips very soon.
She looks gorgeous, I love the blonde on her, & the outfit you made is really cute!

Thanks so much! grin

Today I changed her eye chips and removed her crooky eye lashes to replace them with fuller, longer ones. I love how she turned out smile. Can't wait to take pictures when the daylight's returned (it's past midnight at the moment).

[Image: 6281059969_46208c5ec8.jpg] [Image: 6281576796_a307a87b2a.jpg]
[Image: 6281576744_d7815ce4cd.jpg] [Image: 6281059779_34c65921b7.jpg]

The blue wig isn't hers, it doesn't fit very well. I just posed her with it to make the blue in her eyes come out even better wink
Awww, she's very pretty with her new eyes and loooovely lashes!!
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For some reason I'm not sure about her wig anymore... it really suited her when she had her stock eye chips, but now, not so much... I've got some more second hand wigs on their way to me, can't wait to try them on her.

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