City Slicker
My new girl arrived today!! I absolutely adore her. She has one flaw... her left eye won't close. But here she is hanging around the house!

Did I mention she stole Dante's [My Iple EID boy] flat cap... I'm a lil scared for her.

[Image: 6292226049_e2baa9e4ac_z.jpg]

Hanging out beside my window

[Image: 6292747158_3a28675b16_z.jpg]

A lovely profile picture and you can see the Sears *cough Willis cough* Tower in the background.

[Image: 6292747266_a36c8dc7d6_z.jpg]

Her hanging out with Cali [she was suppose to be sleeping...but thats when I found out about her eye. ]

[Image: 6292226419_5a0e27b0b9_z.jpg]
A festive pic!!

Bonus picture

[Image: 6292747212_b6725a7021_z.jpg]
yeah it seems some two part heads have that problem slash
Well when I finally am brave enough to go inside of her head... I'll deal with her issue. I'm more nervous about her wig...

I still love her though. I think tomorrow I am going to hang out with her and sew her some new clothes. Mebbe... we shall see how successful that is. XD

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