Folken Fanel
Towards a lot that drew him pictures and more since his mechanical arm came out but now testing the new flash for the camera he has been chosen

Wonder keko and flash
[Image: 6646385873_9a6b98c81b_z.jpg]
Folken por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 6646387003_9a4ee42234_z.jpg]
Folken por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 6646388249_cb65114fa0_z.jpg]
Folken por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 6646389591_919c8d4dd5_z.jpg]
Folken por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr

Gracias por mirar
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[Image: 6023292626_b737b12c20.jpg]

He is PERFECT! Nothing more to say... I love his carved lips, his eyes and that arm is epic Heart 2
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his arm looks very cool!
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WOW! Great work!!!
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He's awesome!

so friggin awesome!
He looks so awesome 8D !
He is awesome!! smile
thank you all for the comments

Cherryfox Sheryl did a great job with the arm
He's AWESOME! I love Escaflowne! yay
his face is gorgeous !!!
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thanks ^___^
I loooooooooooove Folken and you have done a wonderful job with him!!
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Thanks! I also adore Folken *__________*

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