Cloud Catcher
[Image: 6697296493_eac2f53fe0_z.jpg]
Leah: I'm going to go catch a cloud.

[Image: 6697307933_56f1130a68_z.jpg]
Leah: I have to fly up there to get it though.

[Image: 6697314865_d48a669254_z.jpg]
Leah: It's ok, I'm brave! You don't have to worry about me.

[Image: 6697324199_afa743b82c_z.jpg]
Leah: Look I got one! Isn't it pretty?

[Image: 6697331525_1c0fb06823_z.jpg]
Leah: Clouds are a little tricky to hold on to.

[Image: 6697340243_e50231b198_z.jpg]
Leah: You got to know just how to do it.

[Image: 6697345005_1f580da58b_z.jpg]
Leah: Now come back here little guy!

[Image: 6697351723_3572fa1f95_z.jpg]
Leah: There, got ya!
[Image: 14939124571_371f909e27_m.jpg]
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I love the play of red on white in these, you're an excellent dolly photographer! smile
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So pretty, I love her floaty cloud hearts!
Nice photos! Did you make her hooded outfit? It's very cute!
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What a pretty girl!! >3<
I looove her hooded sweater! yay
So pretty! She is adorable smile
I love this doll, I need in my life xD

Great pictures!!!
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[Image: 6023292626_b737b12c20.jpg]

Thank you! And yes I made her hoodie.
[Image: 14939124571_371f909e27_m.jpg]
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