new witch
akazukin, he is AMAZING in person once you get past the wig lol his face up is so gorgeous, and his eyes are an amazing light sky blue that look anywhere from ice blue to black depending on the lighting, and his stock is just so different. ust look past the awful wig if you can lol and even then i don't think the wig is near as bad as it looks in the promo pics lol and i'd like to see someone try to work with it a bit and make it less ... um ... hideous lol i think with some skill it could be tamed lol

he is a drop dead gorgeous tae though
"A tree can't grow without the sun in it's eyes
And we can't live if we're too afraid to die."
~The Black Angels, "Young Men Dead"

(my fishie got bit by a vamp lol)
akazukin thanks!!!sure that if you catch one you do not repent

FishiesGoPook,I think Ama is also very handsome but the pictures promotion are very bad

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