Lee, Laura, and a Leek World Wig
My girls are all pretty solid characters in my head. Even though I didn't have a doll for Laura, I knew that she was a red head. When I saw that Leeke World had the Real Carrot wig for the winter, I knew I had to have one. I finally got it, but didn't have my Laura with me. Lee, being a Brand New Purezza was my test subject for the weekend and while I loved the wig, I wondered if it would look just as good on Laura. Finally, I got home to my girls and took some pictures.

Here's Lee
[Image: 6912582523_bcd764100f.jpg]

[Image: 6912582923_006733ab53.jpg]

Here's Laura in one of the wigs she has been wearing.
[Image: 6912582273_901d13efe2.jpg]

So, opinions?
[Image: 6912582013_5d360e46c2.jpg]

And here's Laura in the Real Carrot wig.
[Image: 6912581759_7f38ab5fc0.jpg]

[Image: 6912581523_5fcd945fc6.jpg]

[Image: 6912581277_8c9e0987b1.jpg]

[Image: 6912581003_018ca52fc6.jpg]
For some reason I think of BNP as being more of one who could wear the carrot color better. I have both dolls and she seems to be the one with the orange/warmth. However Blanche is a stunner and looks good in anything you place her in. Color wise I like it on BNP, kinda reminds me a bit of Emma Stone. Style wise, Blanche rocks it. In the end though its up to you...:-)
I totally get the Emma Stone vibe now that you've mentioned it. Although, my boyfriend thought that Blanche would look even better if her eyes weren't so dark. I had been planning to re-chip her with some brighter green 20 line chips, but now I think it's a must.

I just wish I would have ordered two real carrot wigs. I had no idea how nice Leeke World wigs were, and how stunning that color would be. Live and learn I guess.
Leeke has awesome wigs and more than one of my girls has one. They are really soft and I love them. Luts is nice too and so is the HR fiber from FMD.
It is hard to tell how light/dark the colors of a wig are online and in RL. Sometimes I find owner pictures to be a lot better. BNP also looks great in bright orange and mine is wearing a peach brown from nDoll.
They both look awesome, I'm quite surprised how good Laura looks with it! I think lighter eye chips would definitely make the look!
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I think Laura looks stunning in that ginger wig but I also agree that lighter eye colour would make her even more gorgeous.
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