Regeneration Noir
Never Bee arrived today. Please excuse the fact that I haven't removed all her plastic wrapping.
[Image: 7449147154_75b8cb06b5_z.jpg]

[Image: 7449146344_7f2f7eefd4_z.jpg]

She came with an extra special wig. [Image: naruto_venere.gif] [Image: 7449144648_c5b9c9bb59_z.jpg]

I managed to twist and comb the worst of it out. She'll still probably need to wear her headdress since it looks so lopsided. At least for now, until I get around to picking out a new wig for her.
[Image: 7449143658_473fe9c94d_z.jpg]

She looks good--maybe her hair was snarled like that to give her more attitude. Congrats on the new girl!

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Congratulations!! Shes fantastic <3
You've made her wig look great despite the initial adversity :/
Is it common for new dolls to come like that?
Thanks! It's just annoying to get a bad wig.

ashbunny2027 - Is it common? My opinion is no. But it's not all that unusual either. Some releases come with really nice wigs and some don't. It's hit and miss. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about their Noir wig on other forums or Flickr, so I may have just been unlucky to get this one.

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