Groove called her Barbara Yomi, but even if they designed her, they don't understand her. You see, Xeno is an alien. She came to our planet seeking to get away from a horrible past and she is trying to fit in with our ways. She prefers humans, even if she doesn't always understand them. When she came home, the first thing she did was ask for a trim on those stupid bangs. She wouldn't even let me take her picture with them. That done, she hopped on the Fat Boy and claimed it. [Image: DSCN0918_zps3f68df69.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0921_zpsbc7592a6.jpg]

Then she wanted to try different looks.
[Image: DSCN0926_zps35846231.jpg] [Image: DSCN0932_zpsfca365c1.jpg][Image: DSCN0939_zps92e4857c.jpg]
[Image: DSCN1059_zpsd966e1c6.jpg]

She likes West, even enough to share. No one knows his history or where he came from, but she is hardly one to care about that.[Image: DSCN1065_zps926897a2.jpg] A girl has to make a living. And she does it well.
[Image: DSCN1072_zps008f3d06.jpg] Though from torch singer to folk and blues, you may not even recognize her. [Image: DSCN09322_zpsd097d6a1.jpg]
When Xeno first came home, she looked at me and I was transfixed. Her eyes are amazing![Image: DSCN10722_zps8eef8bab.jpg]
[Image: DSCN10693_zps63ddcf7d.jpg] West never even looked at anyone else, though he is polite to the others. [Image: DSCN1075_zpsbc49270a.jpg]

I tried and tried to downsize these photos, and on my monitor they are still coming in huge. I tried to clear cookies too, but if they are as big for you, I apologize! Also, working on my photo shooting skills obviously. I am greatly hindered in being in a small house with lots of stuff. And lots more stuff now that I am into Pullips!

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!

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