Romeo (& Leo)
Having Romeo and Juliet was a concept that appealed to me. There were several likely candidates among the Taeyangs available, and then the funky burro lucky, offer came along. Score! I ordered Alberic, Willy Wonka, and Cavalie. Alberic was to be Romeo to Meiko's Juliet. In fact I was going to use Alberic's wig for Juliet. I still think it would have been awesome. But, I pulled Alberic out of the box and looked at his hair with my scheme transparent in my eyes. He recoiled and begged to keep his hair. And his Little Lord Fauntleroy clothes too. Man, once a king, always a king. And so, Alberic became Leo. And made an immediate move on Gwennie! He is a bit of a ladie's man, and his eye may wander. But so far, he has been close to tempting ladies and has kept his heart for Gwen.
[Image: DSCN0857942x10242_zps84ac5af7.jpg] He didn't even wait to have his hair unwrapped!
[Image: DSCN09531024x657_zps33f0d3b6.jpg][Image: DSCN0938738x1024_zpsf21ee0b5.jpg][Image: DSCN08561024x761_zps98dc0650.jpg]

Luckily, especially for Juliet, Cavalie wanted to be Romeo. He proclaimed that purple eyes were no hindrance to being Romeo. Possibly implying that I was being discriminatory to even have that thought. He gallantly offered his wig for Juliet's use and I must say it is working rather well. I hadn't thought of her as a blonde, and it may change, but for now it is fine. (Except that I am trying a wash and set, so pictures of that will have to come.) I wig that I had purchased from True Fan (I think) was perfect for Romeo as you can see. He has not even required a change of clothes yet. [Image: DSCN1077424x1024_zpsda942b69.jpg][Image: DSCN1080574x1024_zps0c11c989.jpg][Image: DSCN1078680x1024680x1024_zps69635d24.jpg] Juliet is never far away! She will get her own intro when her wig is ready. To be continued....

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!
Love your pairings smile Can't wait to see Juliet!
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