Introducing Gwen!
Hello everyone!
This is Gwen, my newly completed custom!
Her outfit was made by myself with help from a friend and her faceup is done by Myufish!

[Image: c13a341f-26ba-44fb-b845-31fcb2e540d6_zpse76e2389.jpg] [Image: 5cbfe829-8eb2-4956-bc10-30728c850a99_zps0c9706b1.jpg]

She's designed to be a character of mine (picture drawn by me!)
[Image: 63d4c7e8-bfc8-4df0-821b-bc6436737107_zps2ad25960.jpg] [Image: 1c356eae-e7c2-44aa-95f0-7b3b0536f0ef_zpsf0cd6a8f.jpg]

Riding her steed into battle?
[Image: c30fc141-f6e3-4f6a-8b6c-6057937657cd_zps752703bb.jpg]

I hope to take some better pictures of her later but i'm just so excited!
She is really beautiful, you are both so talented! The last pic is too cute....

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!
She looks great! Good job smile

She looks lovely, I love everything about her - with that hair she reminds me of Joshua from Chrono Crusade - so I'm quite biased. Tee hee. smile
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She looks amazing. The outfit turned out really well and looks just like your drawing. She made me think of Joan of Arc. I love strong female characters smile
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She looks great! I second the Joan of Arc vibe -- I got that immediately when I looked at her!
Agreed-very Joan of Arc!
Oh my gosh! She is so amazing! I love her armor. Job very well done!!

Truly inspiring to make a doll into my own OC.
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Wow! Great job on the outfit grin she really looks like your drawing and i love her noble 'steed' <3
She's so awesome. She's translated nicely off your paper into doll form!
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She's cute! Or should I say fierce? Anyways, she looks like she's ready for adventure with her adorable trusty steed.
Aw, she looks great!! grin Nice steed, by the way. XD
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