There were a lot of pics on the other thread, so I decided to make a fresh thread for these smile As I thought they were cute....

[Image: 9465436677_e4a0808c33.jpg]
DSC_0468 by Lilcurly, on Flickr
Sam: you wanna fight me mr decept - e - kon ?? yes I do! Let's fight!!

[Image: 9465436161_407c73c665.jpg]
DSC_0469 by Lilcurly, on Flickr
Sam: Bam!!! Smash, bam!! *& various other boomy/smashy noises*

[Image: 9468217152_6c3fdfba74.jpg]
DSC_0466 by Lilcurly, on Flickr
Sam: Haha! I will defeat you!!!!!!

[Image: 9468217568_f494f55186.jpg]
DSC_0470 by Lilcurly, on Flickr
Sam: Smash!!! boom, pt-pt-pt-pt-pt *machine gun type noises* neeeeeyowwwnnnnn!!!! you are defeated!!!

[Image: 9465435583_4b31cc0287.jpg]
DSC_0457 by Lilcurly, on Flickr


Sam is so cute. I love that robot shirt.
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Cutie yay

My bf drew the robot lol.

Oz: *pressess his face to the screen ....* HE HAS FORMERS TOO!?!?! *transforms his mini tf dragon* RAAAAWR! i like Sam, he's as epic as i am *nod*

super cutie patootie butt! smile he's got fans in us! smile
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(my fishie got bit by a vamp lol)
I adore Sam's robot shirt!! It's so cute on him! LOL
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What a little darling! I just wanna pinch his cheeks. grin
[Image: 1248xmf.jpg]
[Image: wvolsk.png]
[Image: 30m8yzl.png][Image: l9w5k.png][Image: 2bthjl.png]
Lol, Sam is very honored fishies, he'd happily share his formers with Oz.....maybe :p lol.

hehe, thanks guys, he's a cutie isn't he! smile


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