Show your new Doll!
I'm clueless, but she looks great!
She is beautiful, DeadlyNova! What a great shot!

My first Momoko doll came(Safari of Dry Wind). She is WAY more stunning in person. In love.
[Image: 2hreooi.jpg]
Congrats, I would really love to see one in person smile
Congrats on everyone and their new dollies.
Love you first momoko renlee83. She looks amazing. I been wanting some for a while they are a great dolls.

Got some new customs. Was waiting on some clothes for them.

[Image: 34235012791_100bac9ac7.jpg]Willow by Doll Parts, on Flickr

[Image: 33524231554_6b9f53fd16.jpg]Nova by Doll Parts, on Flickr
Oh and my gorgeous Kamarza custom. Thought I posted her but I looked back I didn't.

[Image: 33701808892_2b688e37fd.jpg]Harlow by Doll Parts, on Flickr
Willow, Nova, and Harlow are all so dreamy! What a lovely trio of customs. They each evoke such strong personalities and seem to have distinctive stories as well. smile
Byul Tiger Lily came this last Friday and I just had the chance to unbox her. I decided that she wanted a little freedom in the grass.
[Image: 118hsuo.jpg]
Wow, such gorgeous customs redrenard!

She's one of the cutest Byuls, renlee83.
Wow the custom girls are all gorgeous! Congrats!

I love tiger lily she is one of my fav byuls smile congrats
Thank you so much renlee83 funny you say that in my head all my customs do have like a little story of what they are and look to me.

Congrats on tiger lily, she is an amazing Byul. I restocked mine with new clothes but her hair and stock eye chips alone are just great.

Thank you Cornflower and Offgenemi smile
Wow, such beautiful customs! They have such character! Congrats on them, and also congrats on Tigerlily, she's so adorable! Byuls have definitely grown on me lately!
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Random eBay win! My beautiful AZONE Little Blue Bird Tsukiha. The few dolls I have from AZONE really have some of the best stock I have seen.
[Image: vzubmt.jpg]
What a cutie! Azone clothing is amazingly detailed and usually nice quality.
congratulations on three stunning custom girls, redrenard smile Solarsenshi is probably next on my list of customs I want cuz they're gorgeous LOL

Tiger Lily is always beautiful renlee. Your little Azone is adorable also.
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Azone girl is very cute and I am amazed at the detail of her outfit. Very very well made

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