New way to get BST Access!
I think I've met all requirements grin
May I have acces to BST?
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Hi! I posted an introduction thread, which I am adding to right now, here is my feedback from the MLP Arena, and I also am posting a feedback thread for myself right now on here as well.

MLP Arena Feedback
Hello! I reached 15 posts todayLOL

Am I eligible for BST access? My feedback thread is here
and my introduction post is here!

Thanks ^-^

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Hi can I be added to have access too. I have an introduction and feedback thread post and more then 15 posts.
Thank you
I have an abundance of Den of Angels feedback here
Please re-read the first post carefully Sweatdrop , in particular:
(10-25-2013, 11:18 AM)Hina Ichigo Wrote: - Make a feedback thread on Dolly Market. Do NOT make a feedback thread for someone who hasn't made one yet, it's their own problem if they can't do it themselves.

- Post an introduction. If you don't post an introduction our anti-spam program will sometimes flag you as a spambot and will flag all of your subsequent posts as spam so please post an introduction.

- Once you have met all of the requirements please post in this thread.
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Oh, I'm sorry. ^^" I'll try again with the rules in mind. Guess I was a little too eager.
LOL I think I may have it this time! I have created a Feedback thread and have posted my Intro to the community. Here is my Den of Angels Feedback under the same username ~ Here
Hi, I would like to join BST please. I don't have anything to sell, but am hoping that through a private sale as opposed to eBay/Amazon I might find a Pullip I can afford... I'd like to browse anyway! I don't have any "presence" in the dolly world but you can see from my eBay feedback that I'm a reliable trading partner... smile
Thank you!
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Im pretty sure I have met all the requirementssmile
I believe I have met all the requirements. grin
This is a periodic check-in post, I *think* everyone should have BST access by now but if anyone doesn't please post again and I'll fix it immediately grin
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I've met all the requirements and would like access to BST please.
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I believe I have met all the requirements. Can I have access to BST?
Hi there! I've posted an introduction and a feedback thread for myself, and I'm an active member on the MLPArena with 20+ positive feedback. I would appreciate access to BST. Thank you. smile

MLPArena feedback for Alipes

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