Cincinnati Ohio Pullip & Blythe Meet: May 24th!!
Update from the Cincinnati meet on SATURDAY, May 24th! I posted this to the Facebook group.


"Hello everyone! We are nearly a week out from the meet. The Weather App says we have a 76 degree high with a 10 percent chance of rain. So, unless there is a dramatic change in the next few days, we are on for the park!

Besides food, I figured we would take photos in the lovely weather, and chat about our shared hobby. Would you all like to do anything additional? I am picturing this as a casual, flexible picnic in the park. But if you want to do something more, please send your ideas my way so I may plan them!

I cannot wait to hang out with you all! ♡"

"I had two separate friends contact me and ask me about the "weird doll stuff" showing up on my Facebook. Oops...

I decided to make this a private Facebook event to respect people's privacy settings. BUT, this is still an open invitation event! I'm going to spread the word through groups like "rock out with your blythe out," Dolly Market, and Blythe Kingdom. If you know of someone who wants to attend, please let me know, so that I may contact them and send them an invitation. I'm so sorry for the difficulty! "
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