Pullip Dilettante review and photos
I hadn’t really looked closely at Dilettante until I received one from Groove USA to review.
[Image: Dilettante1.jpg]

She is a beauty in person, with a soft fresh faceup. Of course I am a fan of her big brown eyes, and I like her smokey eye makeup.
[Image: Dilettante2.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante3.jpg]

Her wig has some flyaways but is much nicer quality than many stock wigs. It is very soft and fine. I’m not sure how those curls will do over time.
[Image: Dilettante6.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante8.jpg]

Her stock is reminiscent of Pullip Afternoon’s.
[Image: Dilettante4.jpg]

She comes with basic black pumps, black lace stockings, a very high-waisted tan skirt, a dark long-sleeved blouse with lace and a bow, a coat, and the best part of her stock – black framed glasses.
[Image: Dilettante5.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante7.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante9.jpg]

The lenses of her glasses are not as dark as they appear in the promo photos.
[Image: Dilettante10.jpg]

Overall the stock quality is decent. The coat is lined but the armholes are just cut out of the lining.
[Image: Dilettante12.jpg]

Overall Dilettante is a lovely basic Pullip with a nice quality wig and decent stock. She is going to look great in a variety of fashions.
[Image: Dilettante11.jpg]

[Image: Dilettante13.jpg]
My feedback:

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