The Adventures of Sunsette -- New Brunswick coastline, Feb. 23
Great photos! It's neat that there's still ice.

We have covered bridges here in America, too- I didn't know they had them anywhere else. It's sort of a rural thing.
These captions answer most of the questions I posed on the Flickr posts of these pictures! About the tide range that leaves the boats grounded, about the depth of the caves, and about the "spring-like" sunshine!

Not exactly "spring-like" temperatures... yet... it sounds like! Was there much wind?

The 2-lane covered bridge is a new one? Did they build it like that to emulate the style of an original bridge on the site, or is there a reason to still build covered bridges in that area? Did they leave the original bridge intact?

Annoying dogs on the beach -- yeah. Sucks. I think any beach that allows dogs should also allow beach-goers to carry firearms. There are over 4.5-million dog bites in the US each year. Around 13,000 dog-mauling hospitalizations, and about 50 dog attack deaths. Plus... they're just annoying.

So cool that you turned around and back-tracked just to see where "Duck Pond Road" led. You and I could "road trip" together, no problem... except that we'd never get to where we were going because of constantly getting side-tracked!

I'm happy for you that you worked in a little adventure... without rain.

If the weather stays clear and sunny like this, you could simply drive inland to catch the solar eclipse rather than heading to the States again.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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