Millie helps me celebrate my birthday!
I spent the past couple days at my mom's house, and I brought Millie my doll with me. I actually finished sewing her party dress while I was there! And then I took pictures.

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Millie really liked my mom's Lego Unikitty, although Unikitty was kind of difficult to hug without its head falling off. Luckily Unikitty is easy to put back together.

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My mom has a lot of cute stuff, but Millie was most taken with this cute elephant ring holder, that was orange: just like her manicure!

I think Millie wanted to go socialize with my mom's Captain Hook TaeYang, but he was on a shelf too high for us to reach.

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But she did make friends with Bunny!Cas and Bunny!Dean. ("They're not usually bunnies and one of them is an angel and the other one hunts bad guys and I think they're in love but that might only be when they're bunnies.")

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And then I found a rocking horse just her size!

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(I think she was disappointed she couldn't bring it home.)

Anyway, that's the fun Millie had at my birthday celebration!
Too bad Captain Hook was too far away! I love the Unikitty.
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Aw, so cute! I thought of you this afternoon, and your hand-sewing of doll clothes... I had to mend a huge rip in a pair of pants and it took forever and I haaaate sewing, and I was thinking, "those people who hand-sew those lovely doll clothes... wow... " o.O
The rocking horse is terrific! And, um, we'll probably want to hear about these 'bunnies'....
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Happy belated birthday! She's so cute on the rocking horse and posing with the bunnies. Heck, she's cute period. I love her rainbow dress.
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Happy birthday! Someone's all dressed for Puddle, and looking adorable all the while. How lucky to get to hang out with Dean and Cas, my OTP smile
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She is ready for PUDDLE, I noticed that also.
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Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2024. The theme is Retro Memories Sweet Sixteen.
Thanks everyone! Millie is totally ready for PUDDLE (and yes, she gets to come!)

I got the bunnies for my mom's Mother's Day present, they're from here:
(They're my mom's otp too! I don't watch the show but I am a great enabler!)
Happy Birthday! I love her dress and she is adorable smile
Happy birthday!

Millie's dress is adorable! Looks like she had some fun. :p
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Belated Happy Birthday Severity! I love her dress~ smile
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She looks super cute on that small rocking horse, too bad she couldn't take it home! Pretty dress too. smile
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