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Marceline for Meowceline
I got a custom done by Audacia; I wanted to show her off sooner but with all the rain and storms and junk i have not been able to take very many photos of my new monster high custom Marceline. I love her to bits. here are the photos i was able to get done in the heat of Chicago.

[Image: DSCN0579.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0576.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0561.jpg]

after getting my doll and loving her i had to try the custom thing myself. i was inspired. i have done okay so far but im having the worst time with the pupils of the eyes... ill post photos later about that tho....
I love your Marceline custom! Audacia did a really wonderful job; it's so hard to work on something so tiny like a MH head. I can't wait to see the custom you did. smile
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She is so cute! I haven't seen much Adventure Time but I love Marceline/Bubblegum :3
I loved the pictures Audacia posted before, but I love Marceline even more now! Her hair is perfect and the dress she's wearing is so cute on her. xd Are you going to get the tank top/jeans/boots ensemble for her?
Thanks everyone. I love her to death.

@rayelm yes when I have the time I plan on just making her outfit.
Ooooo I am so glad she got to you safe. Aww she looks cute in that wig :3 I can't wait to see her with her Adventure time outfit when you do make it yay

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