Pullips in J-Doll Fashions (pic heavy)
(01-04-2015, 02:53 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: I'm not familiar with Diagon Alley, but now I'll have to investigate it.

More enabling, added Loosterweg Noord.

Diagon Alley is the wizarding shopping area in Harry Potter.
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Added some more Pullips in J-Doll outfits.
(01-05-2015, 12:07 AM)TrueFan Wrote: Wow, that one is just my style. I don't suppose these fit Dal very well....

I tried it on a Dal and the bodice of the dress is too big and the length of the dress is all the way to the ground.
Akoya in Old Arbat is mind-blowing! There is something about Pullips that just makes these outfits look even better. smile
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I think it's the big heads. They can be much more expressive in photos than those little J-Doll heads.
Added Andrassy Ave.
(01-09-2015, 03:14 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: I think it's the big heads. They can be much more expressive in photos than those little J-Doll heads.

I think that is it. I guess it's what they mean when they say "do you where the dress, or does the dress wear you?". Pullips will never be outdone by their outfit, but boy can they wear the heck out of a good one.
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Oh these are so awesome!... Now I feel more need for Craziia and that outfit on her... Dang.
I like buying J-dolls because of this, so far only 1/4 has not been undressed right when I got her. I am also doing the opposite tough, Raphia's stock looks so cute on Crescent Road! ^w^

Got any new outfits to share? wink
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CB's beautiful photos remind me of how much I want the few outfits I have in my wanted post upside down

PS - if anyone has Gran Via, Abbott St, Robson St &/or Piazza Cavalli stock they no longer use, MMMMeeeeee pls grin
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Sorry to make you want, Miss Edith!

I think there's one or two more I haven't taken photos of on a Pullip. I did add an Isul in Sasha Pippin's stock outfit to the first post.

Edit: Looks like I'm missing La Rue de Rivoli, Avenue Kleber, Mariya Luiza, Street of Laredo, EsplanadiI Katu, Reforma (the J-Doll was very stained by this one), Negen (De 9 Straatijes), and Vass. Sofias.

Picasso East and West I'm never taking off the J-Dolls because I'll never get them back on so they look as nice as they do out of the box.

And I also have Sasah Lala, Lumina, Wizy, and Sorc. I'd love to find the nun, Nuna at Tuesday Morning prices. Still hoping I'll find her one day for cheaps.
wow. I will look forward to photos of ALLLLll the others Tongue LOL Reforma is one of my favourite J Dolls. I have her, Picasso whichever has purple hair, Lavalle & Takeshita Street and they stay in their outfits because I love the complete dolls. There are others I want complete but they are toward the end of the run so too expensive. I also would kill for Sasha Nuna smile I only have Lala but they are the only 2 I wanted. So if you ever find a Nuna for cheap, would you ask if they have two ? Please !

PS - your Isul looks gorgeous in the boy bunny's stock Heart 2
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I LOVE Charing Cross Rd's look, I am seriously contemplating buying her so my Isuls can steal her clothes, but alas, too many other dolly purchases to make first! Crescent Road is tempting too, but I doubt her clothes would fit my Dal...
Looking for stands!
The white shirt's kind of small on Isul: https://flic.kr/p/pCUvcg But if you keep the jacket on, it works. Hednar's still wearing that outfit.

I sold some of the J-Dolls, after robbing them of their clothes. But then some of them turned out to be way too pretty to get rid of.
Updated the first post to add Adsiltia in Mariya Luiza's stock.
Oh man..some of those outfits are really cute on pullip..hmm .
If you don't already know, Pullip and J-Dolls share the same body, so they can share outfits. The hats are the exception, but you can always pretend it's supposed to be a tiny hat. Just like Pullip, the early J-Dolls came on the Type 3 body and the later ones on the Type 4.

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