Pullips in J-Doll Fashions (pic heavy)
Wow, thank you for sharing these photos! Beautiful dolls and the outfits are so cute! I don't have that many J-dolls but the stock outfits came with them are all very nicely made!
You're welcome! Added Banshee in Avenue Kleber.
Woow! The outfits are very acurate and perfect. I enjoyed seing the photos. Thanks for share yay
It's a shame Groove doesn't put that level of detail into every Pullip stock outfit.
Date in J-Doll Rue de Charonne and Victorique in J-Doll Stephen Avenue Walk
- I have always liked the two the best on Pullips Heart And your models are quite lovely!
Seila in Via Monte Napoleone
- Ooh and this one!
Do you know if any of these will fit a medium bust obitsu? smile
[My Flickr]
ISO: Pullip Yuki stock wig / Pullip Panda glasses / Dal Tweety stock outfit / Byul Secomi stock outfit

Good question! I'll have to give them a try this weekend and get back to you.

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